The Observation of Birds in Watercolour and Graphite

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Michael Spillane
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  1. May 22 - 24, 9AM - 4PM

In this unique workshop Michael will guide you through step-by-step projects including graphite drawing with subtle watercolour
washes and full watercolour bird paintings. The workshop is perfect for any level of art experience and will suit both casual nature lovers and serious ornithologists
alike.The first day of the workshop will focus on drawing techniques and exploring the potential of graphite as a medium for bird and nature drawing. TheRed-breasted Nuthatch (or similar subject) will be the focus of the day. Day two will move on to full watercolour painting – including the Indigo Bunting(or similar) as a project. Michael will introduce many interesting watercolour techniques, including spray painting a background, mixing accurate colours, masking the subject and realistic drybrushing and glazing for detail.Day three will continue with another subject for watercolour painting, this time a Common Redpoll (or similar), shown as more of an illustrative bird portrait.

Learning Outcome: Students will learn many skills and techniques in this workshop relating to drawing, composition, colour mixing and matching and watercolour painting, (particularly in regard to ornithological art). The step-by-step teaching system will provide students with a framework on how to progress through drawing and painting projects from start to finish. Students will develop confidence in their drawing and painting as it relates to bird subjects by combining scientific illustrative techniques with an understanding of the particular species they are working on.

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