Intuitive Drawing

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Dagmar Kovar
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  1. July 20 - 21, 9AM - 4PM

The foundation of any art making process is always strengthened by drawing skills, and it's a skill that some can find intimidating. Dagmar Kovar's class encourages expressive, intuitive line making divorced from the need for representational accuracy, and therefore frees your lines to be soft, fluid and evocative. Dagmar surveys historical connections, intuition as a driving element in art, how to access your  intuitive mode of drawing, use of graphite, spatial composition and balance, exploration of personal style. Experiment with a variety of dry media - conte, pastel, charcoal and elements of design to convey mood and volume. Constructive critiques are an important, supportive learning mechanism of this course.

Learning Outcome: Students will explore two methods of acessing their intuition in  drawing and regulating their work in the established connection; second, explore their ‘personal voice’ in art; and third, practice intuition to navigate effectively through essential elements of design .

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