Landscapes :An Impressionist Approach Second Session

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  1. August 19 - 21, 9AM - 4PM

Students will explore  the dynamics of good composition building with blocks of value, shape and colour with several small studies using an impressionist approach to to colour choice and paint application. They will push the concepts from their first day  to a larger scale and learn how to manage details within  a value range that will preserve and protect the original structure and expand on initial colour concepts. The final day project will be a larger canvas project with 2 8” x 10” quick studies to map out roughly the shape, value and colour thoughts for the larger and final canvas for the course. Coaching and constructive critiques take place every day with the view to assist individual artist growth and development.

*Please note that this is the same class content as the one running August 12-14 but added to ensure a small class size for each and accommodate the waiting list for John's course.

Learning Outcome: Be able to build more successful compositions with a clear understanding of the impact of shapes, edges, value and colour temperature  in you paintings.Learn how to identify and use colour temperature to build mood and emotional content into a painting more effectively. Learn a series of steps both the painting process and the self-critiquing process to ensure  successful growth and  development go your own work

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