Introduction to Egg Tempera

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Debra Tate-Sears
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  1. August 22 - 23, 9AM - 4PM

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the materials and methods used in the ancient medium of egg tempera as it is applied to contemporary realism painting.  Egg Tempera is a permanent fast-drying painting medium consisting of finely ground dry colour pigment mixed with egg yolk and water.

We will be exploring aspects of the various processes including creating a traditional gesso panel, underpainting with india ink, grinding pigments, and making a medium of egg yolk and water, as well as the technical aspects of applying paint to panel.  Because this is an introduction to the medium, the instructor will be supplying materials and prepared panels to work on.

Instructor Debra Tate-Sears will provide a prepared "true" gesso panel for each participant to work on during the workshop as well as materials to create their own panel (marble dust, rabbit skin glue, distilled water, Russian birch, sandpaper).  Each student will be provided with a set of prepared pigments, as well as a set of pigment samples to take with them at the end of the workshop. India ink, graphite transfer paper, and other preparatory materials will be supplied. She will also be providing eggs! 

Learning Outcome: Discover materials and methods of egg tempera painting, creating underpaintings, grinding pigments.

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