Flowers on a Black Background

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Michael Spillane
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  1. September 26 - 27, 9AM - 4PM

This workshop is ideal for the botanical artist looking for something a little different. Two stunning step-by-step floral projects in coloured pencils (and acrylic paint) on a black background will be the focus of the two-day workshop. Demonstrations, one-on-one interaction and detailed instructional handouts will guide students through the process from start to finish to complete the two botanical drawings. Techniques such as burnishing and layering, along with accurate colour matching, tonal rendering and composition will help students to master this rewarding medium.

Learning Outcome: Students will learn skills and techniques relating to drawing, composition, colour harmony and colour pencil techniques (particularly in regard to botanical art. The step-by-step projects will show students how to create stunning three-dimensional drawings on a black background and how to combine mediums to get the best results. Students will develop confidence in their drawing and painting as it relates to botanical subjects and learn the fundamentals about botany and botanical art. 

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