Image Transfer for Artists

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Suzette Terry
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  1. October 3, 9AM - 4PM

Image transfer is the process of using photocopies and acrylic gel to transfer images and/or text to your painting and mixed media projects. It is a powerful addition to your artist's toolbox of techniques to extend your creative range. Gather images that resonate with you like your own drawings, magazine clippings and photos and  have a few black and white, good contrast photocopies of of imagery and/or text that lends to finding a voice for your project. Suzette Terry will then lead you through transferring the photocopies to your project with gel mediums and a burnishing technique and then guides an exploration of paint techniques to bring your piece together as a cohesive composition.Note

Note: Photocopies of 3 images, multiples of one, various size, or words, statement or phrase (you must invert your text files!) must be brought to class.

Learning Outcome: Technical skill, learn the method of image transfer, as a tool in your artist box.How to seamlessly incorporate these found b/w photocopies or images, and or personal drawings into a painting or collage to produce a uniform final image. 

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