Bold & Contemporary Winter Landscapes

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Jacintha Krish
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  1. November 12 - 14, 9AM - 4PM

In this workshop Jacintha Krish walks you through Impressionist painting techniques to create paintings that bring colour and life to the winter landscape. She shows you how to edit your image to create a simpler but stronger design. Focus on the interplay of light and snow as you paint the winter landscapes with a fearless use of colour and expressive brushwork in a unique style that is unmistakable. Take home a clear understanding of colour mixing and practical strategies to fill your paintings with vibrant colour and light. Lots of individual attention!

Material List

My preferred acrylic paint colours are listed below. Please don’t feel obliged to get them all! I like to use Golden and/or Liquitex brand. Tri Art also works well.
I tend to use heavy body paints as colours are sharper and richer
Bring whatever colours you have - the art of substitution is a lesson in itself!
Titanium white
Primary magenta
Indian yellow
Cadmium yellow (medium or dark)

Cadmium red (perfect for poppies!)

Burnt sienna
Ultramarine blue
Windsor blue
Paynes grey
Titanium white and/or a couple of other colours of your choice of Golden Brand high flow liquid paint (for snow and special effects).
PAINTING SURFACES - please note these sizes are only recommendations, don’t stress if you don’t have the exact sizes!
1. One 12” x 12” canvas, canvas paper, or gessoed wood panel
2. One minimum size 16”x 20” canvas, canvas paper or gessoed wood panel 3. One minimum size 24” x 24” good quality canvas or gessoed wood panel. I encourage working larger and motto is think big paint big!
2-3 Flat tipped synthetic angled brushes ranging from ¼” - 1.5” (Zen brand brushes $3.99 from DeSerres work very well). If you have larger sizes (2”) it will be an added bonus for painting on the larger canvases!
Assorted palette knives in a selection of narrow and long as well as short - plastic ones are fine.
Soft HB pencils, sharpener and kneaded eraser
Palette for acrylics (disposable pad is easier)
J cloths, ruler,
¾” - 1” Green or masking tape if using canvas paper.
2 empty yogurt tubs for water
I will supply a few photo references which will be emailed to SA a few days before the workshop. I feel it is generally easier to grasp the concepts if you follow from my demo photo. I use photos only as a guide, not to copy! I encourage creativity and use of one’s own imagination wherever possible, taking the photo and giving it your personal “twist”. For more intermediate students you may like to work from your own photo references.

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