From glassblowing to nuno felting, watercolours to oil painting, fine craft to fine art, our artist led experiences can be the catalyst for creative exploration or professional development.

January 2021

The Business of Art. Workshop #1 Use Your Words - (ONLINE)

January 26, 1PM - 4PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

Communicating who you are and why you are unique is a cornerstone of being an artist in business. All artists and artisans should have a biography, an artist statement and a short show biography. Learn the difference between these materials, what tone is appropriate for each and work through a series of examples and exercises to find your voice.

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What I've Learned from a Career Telling Stories - with Kevin Spreekmeester

January 30, 7PM - 8:30PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

Ever since he was little, Kevin Spreekmeester has told stories. His journey as a storyteller included a flirtation with acting and sports casting followed by what he considered “hard labour" in advertising agencies and marketing shops. He eventually found his stride as an award winning photojournalist which led him to visit all seven continents. He later met the owner and CEO of a small outerwear company called Canada Goose. Kevin was convinced to join them when they were still small and unknown. Over the following ten years, as CMO, he helped create a story that would change the landscape of the global outerwear industry, Canadian brands and many lives around him, including his own.

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February 2021

The Business of Art. Workshop #2 Define your Brand (ONLINE)

February 9, 1PM - 4PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

As an artist or artisan, your business rests on the communication of what you make and the aesthetic you define to connect with your audience. From your business name to your logo, this workshop guides you through making consistent, resourceful choices for impact, looking at what you can do on your own and how to navigate relationships with branding professionals.

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The Painter's Essential Landscape - Online (Acrylics) with LInda Kemp

February 11 - 12, 10AM - 3PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

Learn negative painting strategies and the successful sequencing of opaque and transparent glazes for a luxurious patina and gentle glow in your work.Explore brushwork techniques for creating textures and subtle transitions of delicate tints and muted hues.Learn how to layer lost and found edges to suggest windswept meadows and distant trees.Investigate how and where to use captured negatives and establish minimal hard edges to gradually bring your work into soft focus.
Whether you work on location, from your imagination or photos, you will be amazed by this elegant, alternative method of painting the landscape.

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Prospective Artist Member's Information Session

February 16, 1PM - 3PM | All Levels

Join the Director of Programming for an informative session about our new opportunities for artists, curators and artists organziations or collectives. We will reveiw the different display areas of the Centre, exhibition supports, the different category benefits, application materials and the jury process. Ask any questions you have!

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The Business of Art. Workshop #3 Work your Image! (ONLINE)

February 23, 1PM - 4PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

What social media platform is best for you, finding your online voice, creating an aesthetic that’s on brand for you, augmenting your online message and how to streamline how much of your time it takes. Students will also create inspiration boards looking at other social media accounts to get a sense of what style of online communication is authentic to their brand.

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The Business of Art. Roundtable #2 Growth

February 23, 7PM - 8:30PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

Once you move past the start up phase and realize that a.) you are going to make a living at this and b.) you have a bigger capacity to sell then you thought, you have some big decisions to make. Learn from makers who have worked through decisions on leasing studio space and retail locations, hiring staff, investing in bigger and bigger shows and managing cash flow with opportunity.

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March 2021

The Romantic Landscape and Big Sky Watercolours ONLINE (Watercolour) with Linda Kemp

March 3 - 4, 10AM - 3PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

Learn how to create your best watercolour landscapes ever! Negative painting isn’t hard, it’s just different! Once you see how this approach works, you will discover how easy it is to paint fantastic landscapes that are quick, loose and a joy to create.
Once you have the knowledge to see the landscape as simple interlocking shapes and learn some fun ways to create textures, you will be ready for our two main projects, The Romantic Landscape and Big Sky Landscapes.

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The Business of Art. Workshop #4 Product Photography (IN PERSON ONLY)

March 7, 10AM - 4PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

The images you use to promote your work are crucial components of a visual based business, but few of us have the resources to hire professional photographers every step of the way. Participants will use their own products to work through five stations that use different affordable set ups and tools to create dynamic images, on brand.

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The Business of Art. Workshop #5 Sell it! (ONLINE)

March 9, 1PM - 4PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

Pricing is one of the most difficult decisions for many makers starting out. Learn to identify the real costs of what you make, align with what your market will support and create consistent pricing strategies. Students will also identify challenges and opportunities that will arise when selling across different structures (retail, consignment, wholesale and shows), why you never undercut a retail partner and the pros and cons of putting artwork on sale.

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How to Make an Animated GIF

March 21, 1PM - 2:30PM | All Levels

Experience the magic of making your art come alive! This workshop will introduce you to the basic animation principals of movement, looping, framing, and how to create animation cells. Using free online software, you will learn how to make an animated GIF from your drawings, paintings, or photographs.

The first day of the workshop will showcase artists and illustrators using animated GIFs in their practice. It will cover animation principals, and feature a demonstration of the software. You will then have time to work on an animated GIF on your own, and the workshop instructor will be available to answer questions via email.

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The Business of Art. Workshop #6 Take it to Market (ONLINE)

March 23, 1PM - 4PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

Applying to shows means having the right materials organized, creating a schedule of application and event deadlines and considering how a jury will view your work. Participants will assess what shows/markets may fit their work and create a plan for when they are accepted, from booth design to transportation.

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The Business of Art. Roundtable #3 Challenges

March 30, 7PM - 8:30PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

In the rush of the start up and growth phase's, we tend to see our biggest challenges as fairly predictable ones; not being able to sell enough or meet our expenses. But some of the biggest obstacles as makers come from unanticipated success and our personal lives. Your hands can only make so much, so how do you handle growth that exceeds your capacity? What if your supply chains are interrupted? As the only person capable of making your art, what happens when health issues impact your business? Hear the stores of artists who have hit huge obtsacles like the dreaded burn out, how they pivoted and recovered and went on to sustainable careers.

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