January 2021

From glassblowing to nuno felting, watercolours to oil painting, fine craft to fine art, our artist led experiences can be the catalyst for creative exploration or professional development.

The Business of Art. Workshop #1 Use Your Words - (ONLINE)

January 26, 1PM - 4PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

Communicating who you are and why you are unique is a cornerstone of being an artist in business. All artists and artisans should have a biography, an artist statement and a short show biography. Learn the difference between these materials, what tone is appropriate for each and work through a series of examples and exercises to find your voice.

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What I've Learned from a Career Telling Stories - with Kevin Spreekmeester

January 30, 7PM - 8:30PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

Ever since he was little, Kevin Spreekmeester has told stories. His journey as a storyteller included a flirtation with acting and sports casting followed by what he considered “hard labour" in advertising agencies and marketing shops. He eventually found his stride as an award winning photojournalist which led him to visit all seven continents. He later met the owner and CEO of a small outerwear company called Canada Goose. Kevin was convinced to join them when they were still small and unknown. Over the following ten years, as CMO, he helped create a story that would change the landscape of the global outerwear industry, Canadian brands and many lives around him, including his own.

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