Ipad Drawing (Procreate)


Jan Dolby
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  1. July 6, 6:30PM - 9PM
  2. July 13, 6:30PM - 9PM
  3. July 20, 6:30PM - 9PM
  4. July 27, 6:30PM - 9PM
3-201 High Street Southampton, Ontario N0H2L0

This workshop will help turn your iPad into a rich, personal sketchbook to  accompany (or maybe replace!) your traditional media.
The workshop will cover everything that new users need to know: brushes and  other essential tools, gestures, layers, masks, working with color, the best file  formats for sharing your artwork, and organizing your files. This Procreate  workshop is perfect for people that have no experience with Procreate app.
• Student level: Participants should be an artist of some minimal skill level.  Students should be familiar with painting, drawing and sketching  techniques. Students should know how to use an iPad (this is not a class  about how to use an iPad.
• If you are an artist who has wondered about the creative possibilities of  painting and drawing using your iPad, this workshop is for you. • This is a beginning class for artists to explore the exciting new world of  painting and drawing digitally on an iPad.
• We will explore how to create a canvas and how to use the digital painting  tools as you would traditional ones. We will paint a still life (or anything  that you wish to) so you can experiment with the main components of the  app Procreate
Material requirements:
• iPad and a stylus. Apple pencil if you have an iPad Pro
• iPad models that will work with Procreate

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