Intermediate Portrait Painting in Oils

$180 + Material List

Sara Sniderhan
Course Code
Skill Level
  1. July 14 - 15, 9AM - 4PM
Southampton Arts 201 High St Southampton, ON Canada N0H 2L0

The workshop continues explorations in portrait painting techniques in oils. The instructor will give painting demonstrations throughout the course, in between the student painting sessions. The focus of this workshop is capturing a likeness, mixing naturalistic colours, creating 3 dimensional form, rendering flesh, mark making and paint application.

Learning Outcome: Students will learn a reliable flesh palette that can be used and modified to suit their own practice. Improved ability to capture a likeness and create a dynamic head study from life. Increased ability to render flesh in a naturalistic way.

Students MUST have had prior oil and portrait painting experience.

Material List

1. 5 gessoed canvas panels 8 x 10” or 9 x 12”

2. A few stiff bristle brushes and an assortment of smaller soft (natural hair or synthetic) oil brushes.

3. A palette, palette knife, odourless mineral spirits, a jar for the spirits, paper towels and a bag for used paper towels.

4. A notebook and pen or pencil.

5. Oils

The following colours in traditional oils or water soluble oils (if using water solubles, no need for mineral spirits)
Titanium white, lemon yellow, cadmium orange, cadmium red medium, alizarin crimson, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, viridian, black. If anyone is looking to save money on paints, some companies offer a manufactured version of cobalt and the cadmiums- the label would read Cobalt Blue Hue or Cadmium Red Hue- they would be a series 1 rather than a series 6 so much cheaper.

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