Sky & Water in Watercolour

$90 + Material List

Hi-Sook Barker
Course Code
Skill Level
All Levels
  1. August 7, 9AM - 4PM
Southampton Arts 201 High St Southampton, ON Canada N0H 2L0

Join master watercolourist Hi-Sook Barker for this one day workshop focused on techniques for painting water and sky scenes. Emphasis is placed on utilizing a big Hake brush to develop a fast and fresh approach using the wet-on-wet technique to evoke depth, reflection and transparency. Students of all skill levels can gain something from this course and Hi Sook's skillful mastery of her chosen medium.

Learning Outcome: Basic drawing, Colour behaviour, Understanding concept of subject.

Material List:

1. Paper (preferably Arches 140lb cold press or Saunders 200lb cold press)

2. Watercolour Paints;
-Alizarian Crimson
-Ultramarine Blue
-Payne's Grey
-Indian Yellow
-Raw Sienna
-Burnt Sienna
**If you have experience painting watercolours what you already have will likely be sufficient.  It is not required you have this exact list.**

3. Brushes
-large good watercolour brush (minimum size #14) OR 2" hake brush
-1/2" flat brush
-rigger brush

4. Palette
5. Water container
6. Paper towels
7. Masking tape
8. Pencil/Eraser
9. Board (for paper to go on) - corrugated plastic works well and is inexpensive

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