Silkscreening II

$90 + $15 Material Fee

Yasmine Louis
Course Code
Skill Level
All Levels
  1. August 21, 10AM - 4PM
Southampton Arts 201 High St Southampton, ON Canada N0H 2L0

This silkscreen printing class is for people who don't necessarily want to know every technical detail about screen printing, but have always wanted to print and make something in one class – and have tons of fun doing it! You do not need to have previous experience with screen printing or art making to print beautiful things in this workshop.
You will learn how to print using the many screens the teacher will provide and you’ll have lots of different images to work with (words, trees, birds, etc.). You will be taught how to use different screens creatively. We will provide you with some paper and fabrics, but bring your own materials to make something more personal! 

You can bring clothing (new or up-cycle something old), napkins, wood panels, journals, etc. Note: whatever you choose needs to be paper, fabric or wood, and must lay totally flat when on a table to be printed.
You will learn the basics of printing in the morning and you’ll be able to use the afternoon for experimentation. Print as many things as you’d like. Some may want to concentrate on one item, others may want to print many gifts for their friends and family – whatever you feel like
Please wear clothes that are comfortable and can get dirty. Printing can get a bit messy, especially when you're getting creative! No long hanging sleeves.

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