Peonies in Oils

$180 + Material List

Michele Van Maurik
Course Code
Skill Level
All Levels
  1. September 11 - 12, 9AM - 4PM
Southampton Arts The Fairy Lake Pavillion Southampton, Ontario N0H2L0

In this information packed workshop , students will learn many of the techniques Michele has employed in her 35 plus years of painting as a professional artist. How to set up a floral still life for a dramatic painting. Lighting and composition will be covered as well as some photography techniques that can be achieved with an iPhone camera. A reference photo will be provided for the workshop.

Working larger than life, the drawing will be transferred onto toned canvas and under painted. Painting white florals is especially challenging and Michele will share her secrets for effectively capturing the luminosity in her flowers. Brush techniques, colour mixing and many tips and tricks will be shared.

Students are encouraged to bring an iPhone if they have one to download some useful apps Michele will share during the workshop.

The class reference photo will be emailed to you prior to class. 


Canvas…..suggested size : 24” x 30 or 30” X 40”
Brushes: flats or filberts, several sizes
(like the “Simply Simmons” ¾”, ½” synthetic brushes)
Rounds, size 5 or lower
Oval wash mop brushes size ¾ or ½”
2” Hake brush
Odourless mineral spirits
Linseed oil or walnut alkyd medium
Oil paint colours:
Titanium white
Cad yellow light
Cad red medium
Alizarin crimson
Cerulean blue
Ultramarine blue
Ivory black
Raw umber
Murphys oil soap for cleaning brushes Grey pallet paper or regular pallet
Scrap card stock or Bristol board for color mixing Palette knife for mixing
Paper towel or a microfibre cloth
A pencil
Red pen

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