Landscapes in Bold & Contemporary Colour

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Jacintha Krish
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  1. September 22 - 24, 9AM - 4PM
3-201 High Street Southampton, Ontario N0H2L0

Learn to paint with loose, expressive brushwork depicting light and shadow through the use of shapes combined with vibrant colour. Jacintha will guide you through varied exercises and teach valuable techniques to promote the understanding and experience of creating your very own Impressionistic paintings of a landscape. Her emphasis is on teaching students to paint loosely styled interpretations of Canadian landscapes and the world around us. A focus on shapes and angles and the play of light on them is used to create bright and colourful paintings. Using brushes as well as palette knives, Jacintha teaches how to avoid too much attention to detail yet be interpretive and accurate while bringing together different components to create impressionistic paintings. Using reference photos, the class includes two to three demos allowing the class plenty of time to follow step by step, and with individual attention for each student.

Learning Outcome: 1. How to create contemporary artwork using non traditional colour palettes.  2. Using a photo reference primarily as a guide and learning to use one’s own creativity to compose Impressionistic paintings. 3. Using larger brushes and other tools and techniques to develop loosely styled yet well balanced paintings.



My preferred acrylic paint colours are listed below. Please don’t feel obliged to get them all. I like Golden and/or Liquitex brand

I tend to use heavy body paints as colours are sharper and richer

Bring whatever you have as well.

Titanium white

Primary magenta

Cadmium yellow medium or deep

Hansa yellow/Indian yellow - if not available any shade of cadmium yellow will do

cadmium red (perfect for poppies!)

Burnt sienna

Ultramarine blue

Paynes grey (optional)


Titanium white and/or a couple of other colours of your choice of liquid paint (for special squiggles and lines) not essential but nice to have!


One 12” x 16” canvas, canvas paper or gessoed wood panel (first lesson)

One Minimum size  24” x 24” good quality canvas or gessoed wood panel. I encourage working larger and motto is think big paint big!  (2nd and 3rd lesson)

I will do a quick and loose 3rd 12” x 12” demo if time permits. You may just observe or paint with me ………don’t feel pressured to paint this one as well. Sometimes just observing a demo can be very beneficial!


2 Flat tipped synthetic angled brushes ranging from ¼” - 1” (Zen brand brushes around $5 from DeSerres work quite well). An extra wider brush 1.5” - 2” will be an added bonus when painting on the larger canvas.

Assorted palette knives (narrow and long as well as shorter) - plastic ones are fine.


Soft HB pencils, sharpener and kneaded eraser


Palette for acrylics (disposable pad is easier)

J cloths, ruler,

¾” - 1” Green or masking tape if using paper.

Table or floor easel

2 empty yogurt tubs for water

Reference images will be emailed to registrants by instructor prior to start of course.

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