Adult Classes 2020

From glassblowing to nuno felting, watercolours to oil painting, fine craft to fine art, our artist led experiences can be the catalyst for creative exploration or professional development.

August 2020

Copper Bottle Opener

August 25, 1PM - 4PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

Science meets art! Join Kate Civiero for a super fun afternoon delving into the world of etching! Learn how sharpies and ferric chloride conspire to transform your drawing into a design etched into copper.

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Chantry Island Plein Air

August 25, 6:30PM - 9PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

Students will create and paint a booklet cover using  300lb arches watercolour paper on the evening before the plein air excursion. Weather permitting , we travel to Chantry Island with the Marine Heritage Society  to paint several postcard sized watercolours of scenes inspired by the island itself-  these become the pages of your booklet.

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The Business of Making Art

August 27, 12PM - 6PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

Join contemporary landscape painter Donna Andreychuk for a warm and intimate professional development series of unique interest to emerging artist's interested in understanding the processes and particularities of working with galleries and finding representation.

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September 2020

Pochoir Printmaking

September 4, 9AM - 4PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

Sharon Barfoot guides an exploration of  the pochoir printmaking method, which uses stencils that are inked in solid colours and layered face up on a plate.

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Beginner's Acrylic Landscape Painting

September 8, 6:30PM - 9PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

We will start each class with a short demonstration and discussion about techniques, then create a piece using the techniques and palate we create.  Over the course of the four classes each artist will create their own colour chart to take home.

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Southampton Lighthouse on Live Edge Wood

September 12, 9AM - 4PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

Join Mary Burke for a fun day painting Southampton's iconic lighthouse on live edge wood! This creative, folk art project begins with  painting in the sky and then pencil drawing the lighthouse and its' surroundings.

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The Lost Art of Needlework

September 12 - 13, 9AM - 4PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

Join Cheryl Vance for an immersion in tradition embroidery techniques which can then springboard your  own projects after the course. Students will begin with fundamental concepts such as embroidery styles, fabric choice, correct use of hoop, needle and thread, and design transfer.

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Soapstone Carving

September 18 - 20, 9AM - 4PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

Discover the pleasure of carving soapstone. Soapstone is a very soft stone that can be carved with simple hand tools. In this course you will be introduced to the process of carving and finishing a basic soapstone carving.

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Encaustic Painting Weekend

September 26 - 27, 9AM - 4PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

This immersive course in encaustic techniques will include an introduction to the medium, history, safety, using heat to fuse the encaustic to wood boards, and an introduction to image transfers.

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Flowers on a Black Background

September 26, 9AM - 4PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

This workshop is ideal for the botanical artist looking for something a little different. Two stunning step-by-step floral projects in coloured pencils (and acrylic paint) on a black background will be the focus of the two-day workshop.

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October 2020

Image Transfer for Artists

October 3, 9AM - 4PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

Image transfer is the process of using photocopies and acrylic gel to transfer images and/or text to your painting and mixed media projects. It is a powerful addition to your artist's toolbox of techniques to extend your creative range.

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Carry on with Watercolour

October 6, 6:30PM - 8:30PM | All Levels | Ages 16+

Watercolour paint is one of the most beautiful, versatile, and fun mediums to use! These classes are for anyone just starting out in watercolour as well as those who are looking to refresh their watercolour skills.

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Red Poppies

October 24, 9AM - 4PM | Intermediate | Ages 16+

Each medium has it’s own characteristics that make them enjoyable to use ...Oils are brilliant in colour, soft and buttery to work with and easier to blend. Fall into the lustrous, seductive reds of the poppy and focus on increasing your technical mastery of transparent glazes overlaid with opaque colour and highlight details.

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