Bert Henderson

63 Years have passed since Bert Henderson founded the School in 1957, and still today Southampton Arts continues his tradition of excellence in cultural, artistic expression. 

Now in his 90’s, Bert Henderson’s passion for the arts has not faltered and he still works daily in his suit and tie. Due to his dedication and formidable work ethic, he has amassed an extraordinary collection of his work, of which he has graciously donated a portion to the Southampton Arts.

All of his beautiful paintings, with the exception of a select few, are for sale with the proceeds directly benefiting the growth of Southampton Arts. Bert’s sketches and paintings reveal his passion for the arts over the years and his personal growth as an artist. The viewer need not imagine the labour, the skill, the creativeness, and the love he has committed to his work as it sings from every piece. 

Southampton Arts would not be here were it not for the vision, passion and devotedness of Bert Henderson. We are proud to be included in his story, to support and employ local artists, and are excited to continue growing, honouring his dream.

The legacy will continue.