COVID & Our Classes


* Please note that Adult programming class sizes have been reduced to ensure no more than ten people, including the Instructor and will have a health screening requirement.

The pandemic impacts the programming at Southampton Arts in three primary ways: safety as determined by Public Health and the province; operational impact of the required changes to programming to ensure safety is a priority; and most importantly, your young artist and the impact on their experience. These three facets in turn provide us with a test of three questions: can we operate safely; how would we do so in these unusual and challenging circumstances;  and can we provide the same level of experience for your camper?

We are delighted that we can successfully answer "yes" to those three questions. The following rule changes have been made to align with the official Ontario COVID guidelines for day camp operation and in consultation with Public Health.

Class Size, Teachers and Helpers

  1. Our maximum number of people in a camp (what the province has labelled a “cohort”) is 10. We have capped the number of students at 8, plus one Instructor and one assistant.
  2. The assistant may be a summer student increasing their knowledge of education or studio arts or it may be a volunteer. Regardless, all people in contact with the camp cohort will have provided a clear Vulnerable Sector Screening Check and will remain with the cohort for the entire duration of the camp.
  3. Your child’s classroom Instructor and Education Assistant will ONLY be working with your child’s cohort in any calendar week.

The Classroom

  1. We are moving the camps from G.C.Huston to the School and the Boathouse,  as well as some satellite camps in Paisley.
  2. Each of these spaces has a separate entrance and bathroom that ensures that camp cohorts will not mix.
  3. Each space will be maintained by staff to ensure that the classroom’s are sanitized once during the class and completely after each class.
  4. Each child will have their own spacious work table with more than the required 2 meter distance from their new friends. The floor will be marked with distancing reminders and posters will also remind our artists’ of the need to stay back from their classmates.
  5. Each child will have their own kit of materials and tools through the duration of the program that will be completely sanitized after each daily session.
  6. Children will be encouraged to frequently wash their hands with soap and water.
  7. *Please note that our Instructors and staff will NOT be wearing masks or face shields unless they cannot maintain the 2 meter recommended distance from students or it is their preference. We will rigorously maintain distancing measures so that communication is not hindered and that children who may have adverse psychological reactions to masks are made comfortable. UPDATE JULY 8 * The new mandatory mask Order will impact the classroom. An update will be provided as soon as the wording of the Order and how it may apply to our camps is available.
  8. Parents who wish their child to wear a mask through the program must provide them and staff will encourage their proper and consistent use.

Snack Breaks and Outdoor Play

  1. Please provide your child with a labelled water bottle and mid class snack. Camp staff will ensure that your child exercises proper hand washing routines before and after their snack and does not share their food.
  2. Outdoor breaks between the two camps on site at the Centre will be staggered to ensure cohorts do not mix.

Attendance and Screening

  1. Your child can only register for ONE morning OR afternoon camp a week, to minimize mixing of cohorts.
  2. Siblings 5-6 may attend camps for 7-12 year olds.  7-8 year olds may attend camps for 4-6 year olds. This age exception is ONLY for campers from the same family.
  3. You must view a camp orientation video before attending camp.
  4. All parents and campers will be invited to a ZOOM meet and greet and question period in advance of  your camp.Camps from July 13 through 
  5. You must fill out a daily screening form online BEFORE arriving at camp. There is NO exception to this rule. We will NOT be screening children on site and you will be refused entry. You will receive a text reminder to complete the screening one hour before the camp start time. You can review the screening form here.
  6. Absolutely NO ill students are to attend. This applies to Instructors and support staff as well.
  7. Daily records of anyone in contact with a cohort for longer than 15 minutes will be maintained.
  8. If a camper begins to show symptoms of COVID-19, the parent is obligated to pick them up immediately.
  9. If a camper shows symptoms of Covid -19, their fellow campers, Instructor and support staff will be informed of the exposure at the end of the daily session and the rest of the camp will be cancelled with a PRO RATED REFUND for the days missed. The Grey Bruce Health Unit will provide further instruction.

Management of Students or Staff with Suspected COVID-19

  1. Anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID -19 will immediately be isolated (with supervision) until they can be picked up.
  2. Both the suspected Covid patient and supervising attendant will wear a surgical mask and maintain a 2 meter distance.
  3. The Grey Bruce Health unit will be notified and advice sought to relay to parents of cohort participants.
  4. All Ministry Guidelines pertaining to the Management of Suspected Covid -19 cases will be rigorously followed.
  5. Symptomatic campers and staff must be tested.
  6. Campers and Staff with a positive COVID test must self isolate for 14 days.
  7. Any camps cancelled due to a positive COVID test amongst campers or staff will receive a full refund to the original form of payment within 5 -10 business days.