Employment Opportunities

Current Opportunities:


Volunteer Treasurer, Board of Directors

This volunteer Board of Directors’ position is responsible for overseeing the management and reporting of the organization’s finances. The Treasurer will work closely with our bookkeeper and other board members.

Time Commitment:

Approximately 5 hours per month

Term of Office:

One to two years with the possibility of renewal for a second term.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The treasurer will offer guidance to the Board and management team in ensuring good fiscal planning, decision-making and oversight.

Their principle duties:

- Oversee the finances
- Assist in the preparation of the annual budget
- Ensure that monthly or quarterly financial statements are reviewed by the board
- Ensure that the organization maintains the accurate financial records including tax filings
- Ensure that payroll and other liabilities are settled in a timely manner
- Verify that donations are handled appropriately and that grants, and service delivery contracts are accounted for.
- Meet with the external auditor annually
- Assist the Executive Director and board chair with the development and presentation of the annual report
- Present or co-present the organization’s financial report
- Recommend appointment or reappointment of auditor at the Annual General Meeting
- Keep the board informed of important financial events, trends

Please forward your interest to:

Gerald Guenkel,
Chair, Southampton Board of Directors