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Amelia Kraemar
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Amelia Kraemer combines her love of history and visual arts. She received a degree in Near Eastern Archaeology and Canadian History, as well as a post-graduate certificate in Museum Management. After life circumstances withdrew her from her full-time work as an archivist, she turned to the visual arts.

Artist Statement:

Collage allows me to tell a story. I imagine the people in the photographs are people I know. I make up a story in my head about the people and the places they’d go. And the things they would find beautiful. I look for papers that will lend themselves to the central image. Sometimes a little extra colour is needed and chalk paint is used to add dimension. Sometimes I can find a line of text that speaks to the piece. These snippets of text really uplift my spirits. When I’m feeling particularly low a simple line of text is what I need to get me out of my deep state. The lines of text say beautiful things that I need to hear. Or be reminded of on particularly dark days. When I’m all finished and the glues have dried I go over the piece with clear encaustic medium. This adds more depth. The colours deepen as the wax soaks through the papers. Sometimes a paper will become transparent. Not knowing exactly what the wax will do is part of the joys of encaustic. If need be a little pan pastel is added to highlight central images. It is my hope that these little pieces of collage will be the bright light in someone’s otherwise dark day.