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“Artisticaos” is located in Cargill, Ontario and is the business name of ceramic artist Terri Del Signore. Her work displays a passion for fine detail through sculpting, carving, and hand painting miniature pieces of ceramic wearable art, used worldwide by jewelry designers. Each piece is a celebration of the inspirations of the natural world, from plant life to her favourite, the colour, pattern and textures of all living creatures, be they furred, feathered or scaled.

Born and raised in Grey/Bruce County, Ontario, Terri returned home again in 2019, after many years adventuring from the east coast to west coast, across Canada. Terri has always had an entrepreneur's heart and completed several courses in business studies. Over her career, she has balanced the challenges of business while also prioritizing time with her children. Her attraction to clay began in 2005, when she was running her own gift shop and taking evening pottery classes at the local college. In 2014 she decided to focus solely on her art.

With a continuous stream of artistic inspirations, thoughts, and ideas constantly whirling through her mind in all directions, at all hours, Terri feels the best way to describe her creative mind is  "artistic chaos”. Coincidentally, her studio also mirrors this state while in the  thick of projects and deadlines! The name “artisticaos” for her studio and work identifies the vibrant, eclectic personal path from idea to work bench.

Terri’s ceramic studio is currently in her heritage century home where she lives with her husband, 3 kids, and multiple pets including her beloved “fair ladies” (white laying hens).