Janice Schutz

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Janice Schutz

Born in Birmingham England. Immigrating to Canada in 1986 and  have  nestled in the country in a cozy home on 10 acres in the municipality of West Grey for the past 30 years.

Having taken a different career path as a hair stylist and small business owner, I have finally made my way back to the visual arts . My love of photography and to gain a connection and a sense of a  place inspired me to re-create my photos through art. I have spent  the past few years experimenting in pastels and watercolours working in a realistic style, resulting sales in portraiture. My preference is working in Pastels to achieve a wonderful velvety  texture; as well the rich deep colours are easy to blend to create both high chroma colours or very subtle colours.

Attending classes in mixed mediums by Canadian artist Rhonda Abrams; UK Pet portrait and  British wildlife artist Kerie-Ann; and life drawing classes at Durham Art School .

I spend many hours in nature:gardening, walking  the dog , taking long hikes and drives around the  rural country side. I’m always observing my surroundings: the colours, the sounds of nature, the landscapes. I document all that I see with photographs and it is this that inspires most visual artist work.

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