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Shawna Cooper is currently working in ceramics, though she has been a painter, printmaker designer and textile artist for many years. As a maker, exploring a new medium is exciting. Making functional and non-functional pieces, Shawna is applying her a priori skills in design, painting and print to make objects that allow for pause and encourage participation in the present moment. Shawna is based in Guelph Ontario but has a strong connection to the shores of Lake Huron. The area has always resonated with her and inspired her. Recently, Guelph based potter and mentor, Chris Hierlihy wrote; "Shawna has been working feverishly for the past year developing a voice in clay and a body of work. I think the results speak for themselves. The dedication to exploration and the speed of her development, have been truly impressive."

Shawna studied art at Queen's University and The Ontario College of Art and Design. She has shown her paintings in galleries, and has prints in several books produced by OCA and housed at the Art Gallery of Ontario and The National Library. Her quilts hung in the foyer of the Art College in the late 1980's after a controversy had ensued when she printed the same prints on fabric as she'd printed on paper in an exploration of the history of women in art and her teachers deemed them craft and ineligible for credit. Working in functional and useful forms that can be handled and incorporated in every day activities adds meaning to the making and connects the artist to the end users in a beautiful way.