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Susan Seitz




“Mother Earth ~ the source of all creation shares her inner secrets and desires through a connected space.  Tapping into this remarkable energy is available to us all.  My heart fills with gratitude as my paint brush unfolds and reveals a glimpse of the beauty that hides within.  In this moment, I shall create … for to live a life without, would deny my soul eternal grace.”  Susan Seitz

Susan is a Certified Master Creativity Coach, International Facilitator and Motivational Speaker, who uses expressive arts (the creative process of making art), journalling, and SoulCollage® as therapeutic tools for people to explore and improve their emotional well-being. Susan is also a master Artist in her own right, and has created a body of beautiful art, many pieces now in private collections all over the world. She regularly has her work showcased at the Southampton Art Gallery here in Ontario. Susan provides a variety of art experiences for all ages - from children’s camps, to small group art

explorations and art lessons to 1:1 healing journey facilitations.  Susan has the integrity and ability to meet clients right where they are, without judgement or expectation and guide them to new levels of self-expression and understanding.

As one of her clients has testified, "Susan has an extraordinary ability to authentically connect with others. With tremendous compassion and sensitivity, she gave me creative space to explore my most vulnerable emotions. My soul feels calmer, my heart less troubled. I am forever grateful.”