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Taylor Lasher



Taylor Lasher is an emerging acrylic artist, who specializes in seascapes, landscapes and floral paintings. Her goal is to capture the vibrancy, strength and peace that she’s found in herself and reflect those emotions through her art. 

In her young life of 25 years, she has had to overcome many obstacles that have heavily shaped not only who she is as a person but the art she creates. In 2015, Taylor battled a rare form of bone cancer and ultimately underwent major surgery to remove her entire right scapula as well as the surrounding muscle. Four years later she also underwent open-heart surgery. These experiences have greatly impacted the way she creates both physically and emotionally.

Through Taylor’s artwork she hopes to invoke feelings of resiliency that is found both in human nature and in the world around us. She connects deeply with the strength, power and peace that can be found in the mighty waves of Lake Huron or the way a flower continues to bloom after each season.

Taylor released her first collection of seascapes in February 2020. As well as two collections of florals in May and September of 2020. Her entire body of work, including available paintings are available on her website, taylorlasherart.com