Wilhelmina Cavan

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Wilhelmina Cavan

Wilhelmina Cavan has shown at the Shoreline Artists Studio Tour in Sauble Beach, Guelph Art in the Street juriedĀ  art show, King City Studio Tour, Schomberg Street Gallery juried art show in Schomberg ON, the Distillery District Outdoor Art Show in Toronto, as well as shows at her studio, Tullachmore Studio Gallery, and with other artists at the Arboretum in Guelph, Aggie McCormack's studio in Guelph, as well as Cottage Fever in Sauble Beach.
She has studied with M. Douglas Walton of Ruston Louisiana, and at the Academy of Art, Canada with Harvey and Jeffrey Nelson in Toronto, where she developed her drawing and painting skills using the French academic method.
She currently lives in Guelph, but spends much of her summer painting in the Bruce Peninsula with her sister Aggie McCormack.

I always get the feeling that the visual world is barely holding together, that it may disintegrate revealing something entirely unknown. We are scratching at the surface trying to represent the landscape in greater depth than can be perceived by our eyes.