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Wilma Michel grew up in rural Ontario, surrounded by fields, woods, and streams. As a result of her parents’ love of nature and wildlife, she spent a good part of her childhood exploring, discovering, and eventually photographing the world around her. Wilma and her husband, raised a family, and now live near Kincardine Ontario, and once again she has time to explore and create.

Wilma’s work with protecting and enhancing her photos, led to discovering the amazing world of resin and color.  Her work is heavily influenced by Lake Huron, its surrounding landscape, and local wildlife. Wilma’s art continues to expand and develop, and now also includes, resin layered photographs, sculptures made from resin, recycled aluminum, and driftwood. Due to an illness and ensuing isolation, wire trees became part of her sculptures, as they were a tidy art project that included easily obtainable supplies.  Small clay people were also added to provide an emotional component to any sculpture that otherwise felt too silent.

Local art classes, online tutorials, and the inspiration of many talented artists worldwide, have been part of learning and developing new skills, and led to becoming an active member of a Gallery. Wilma’s art has been featured in local shows, art stores, as well as online, and has been purchased internationally by clients in North America, Europe and Australia.