Akke Stretch

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Akke Stretch

'Intelligent naive' is a label offered once by a jurist to describe my art.  Quebec and Maritime artists inform my work.  Simplicity and bold colour are two dominant features plus, quirky skies.
I work from my own photographs, sufficing a need for attachment to the subject matter. Peaked roofs; whimsical trees; cheerful houses attract my attention.  Someday I might graduate to painting people and pets!

Akke Stretch claims that the bulk of her art lessons came from teaching her grade 6 class, art.
A new art curriculum meant a learning experience for Akke.  That, along with classes at the Southampton Art School set her on a surprising path to brush and canvas. Her work can be seen at the SH Art Gallery. She is a member of the Shore Line Artist Group. She teaches children's art in the summer at SH, encouraging the kids with the phrase, "You can't do this wrong!"