Bonnie Hastings

Contact Name
Bonnie Hastings

A native of Owen Sound, Bonnie has worked in Ontario and Quebec as teacher, medical
secretary and mother, and now enjoys retirement with her husband in Southampton.
She started painting with watercolour in 2011. The Southampton Art School has provided her
with a variety of courses to push her painting to new levels of excellence.
Her work has appeared in art shows and galleries such as Feast for the Eyes in
Southampton, Walkerton Library Art Show, in which she won awards in 2017 and
2019, 100 Squares at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery in Owen Sound, March Miniatures at the
Owen Sound Artists’ Co-op, the Paula White Diamond Gallery in Waterloo, Nature’s Millworks
in Paisley, The Loft Gallery, Thornbury and the GBHS Art Exhibition “Momentos”. Her
painting from this show hangs in the foyer of the Southampton Hospital. In 2019 and 2020 her
paintings were accepted in the Banner Project at the harbour in Owen Sound.
Bonnie participates in the Little Masterpieces at the Southampton Art Gallery each year.
She was a guest artist in the 101 Gallery in Southampton in June 2019.
Bonnie is a member of the Shoreline Artists and participates in many of their shows and in the
Studio Tour.

Artist Statement

After a life time of enjoying the beauty of the flora and fauna in diverse parts of the world I
decided I would like to try to capture the wonders of nature by learning how to paint in
watercolour. Finally in 2011, I was able to take a beginners’ course with Marion Anderson at the
Southampton Art School. That was it! I had caught ‘the bug’! Almost every year since then I
have taken a summer course at the Art School from many talented teachers.
I especially like to paint flowers up close and personal to magnify their beauty. There is always
a mystery hidden inside! I also delight in the many moods of Lake Huron where waves, rocks,
sky and beach speak to the diversity of our world and our life in it.
I look forward to sitting down with my paints almost every day and learning new techniques.
Most of all I just like to lose myself in creating something of beauty, and allowing others to enjoy
the wonder and excitement I see.