Halina Shearman

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Halina Shearman

With her flare for design and love of textiles, Halina has created colourful, original works of art
for over 25 years. Through this passion for creative fashion design, she found inspiration for her
current line from her large, personal collection of vintage silk scarves.

As an advocate for all things “green” and a loyal supporter of re-purposed clothing and decor,
Halina found a unique and eclectic way to use her scarf collection to produce her very first up-
cycled garment. Now more than half of her line is made from re-purposed materials and all of it
is inspired by and made by some sort of scarf.

All product is proudly made in Canada using the finest hand picked materials, and is brought to
you by an artist who takes immense pride and satisfaction from being able to share her one-of-
a-kind designs with others looking to express their individuality through wearable art.