Kathie Wright

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Kathie Wright
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Kathie Wright

“Light is the key to beautiful shapes!  I see the world in shapes as I try to simplify what is in
front of my eyes and paint interesting, varied shapes and patterns of light and dark.  It seems
magical, as I watch the depth, gradation and contrast of the warm and cool colours appear on
the canvas. I invite you to look at my paintings and see how everything works together to make a lovely visual story.  Our Creator God does a perfect job of crafting beautiful artwork in a moment.  I am attempting to reflect that creation so that you will see it through my eyes and share the moment.”
Since she first held a crayon Kathie has loved creative activities, leading to art college and
eventually to encouraging young talent in her classrooms.  After squeezing in art courses during a teaching career, retirement gave her the opportunity to develop her skills as a watercolourist.  In the last few years she has been expanding her work to include acrylics.  Kathie particularly enjoys painting house commissions, but flowers, still life, and landscapes are also themes from her palette.  Her work can be seen at the Southampton Gallery and at various venues and shows around Hanover.