Kelly Maw

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Kelly Maw

With a playful sense of life Kelly can often be found teaching Canadian Step Dancing, playing
violin, or painting larger than life blooms.  Inspired by the strength, vibrancy, and spirit of the
many flowers Kelly captures nature’s elegance on canvas.

Her technique as a realist artist using acrylic paint displays impact and luminosity with gradual
transitions of colour value.  Her effective use of colour harmonies celebrates nature in her work. 
Inspired by music and movement Kelly’s brush strokes flow across the canvas; focussing on the
details of the essence of the subject you are led down a joyful, colourful path of discovery.

As a member of Studio XX in Owen Sound, Kelly enjoys every step of the painting process from
taking the photograph, to preparing the canvas, to drawing out the picture, as well as and
especially the actual flow and application of the acrylic paint onto the canvas.  From blending
the colours, to adding the tiniest detail, to bringing the subject to life on large canvases Kelly
relies on instinct as well as her passion to push life to new limits.

Kelly was born and raised in rural Brooklin, ON and relocated to Owen Sound in 1997.  With a
family rich in music and the arts it is a natural process for her to express her joy of living
through painting.  Just as Kelly makes music with her feet or with the bow across the strings,
her smooth brush stokes enhance her visions on the canvas as she embraces her love of nature
and gives you her own version of visual music.