Patt Nearingburg

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Patt Nearingburg

Through her nature photography Patt endeavours to capture and relate the beauty and emotion
associated with her travels and adventures in the Saugeen Shores area, throughout Canada
including the Rocky Mountain back country, frosty Churchill tundra, moisture rich western
coastal regions and abroad exploring locales such as the wild rain forests of Costa Rica, deep
canyons of the American southwest, the unique Galapagos ecosystem, glaciers and waterfalls
of Iceland and varied European settings.Her images have been described as “thoughtful”,
“attentive” and “palpable”.

Patt has enjoyed residing in Southampton during summer months throughout her life and is still
fortunate to continue to return each June when her school year in Alberta is completed. She is
presently employed by Edmonton Public Schools as an Adapted Physical Education Consultant
– assisting teachers with their complex students who have significant movement challenges.

While primarily self-taught, part of Patt’s development as a photographer included a most
memorable adventure photography course at the Banff Alberta Centre for Fine Arts led by
National Geographic Adventure Photographers. In addition to providing helpful technical tips,

Patt was also reminded that it is important sometimes to put the camera down and simply
treasure the moment. Patt continues to evolve as a photographer and pursues opportunities for
further growth. She presently utilizes a Canon 6D camera body.

Patt is a member of the Shoreline Artists and has enjoyed very successful days in recent Studio
Tour and Art on the Fence events. She has previously been a Guest Artist at the Southampton
Art Gallery and has participated for two years in the “Up the Alley” events. Two of Patt’s
Canyons of the South-West collection were hung in the recent 2017 juried Bruce County
Museum exhibition. In addition to being a guest artist in Edmonton’s Art in the Park and
Strathearn Art Festivals, Patt’s work has also been exhibited at the Jeff Allen Gallery in
Edmonton on two occasions and can be found in a variety of corporate and private settings.

Patt utilizes a variety of mediums through which to communicate her images (acrylic,
aluminum, canvas, various photographic papers, archival ink etc.)