Sandy Esplen

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Sandy Esplen

I am Sandy Esplen and I feel privileged to be a member of the Southampton Art Gallery. I am a printmaker and a painter (watercolour and mixed media).

I purchased a handcrafted wooden box for my 40th birthday and loaded it with all of the toys that intrigued me from a local art supplier and thought "get out there girl and chase that dream". My first class was here in beautiful Southampton with Mary Nunn and it was truly an awesome experience. Those 5 days ignited the spark in my soul that had been smoldering ever since I could remember.

Since that time I have given permission to my being to experience and express those creative urges. In the process I have made wonderful friends and have even been able to create some art.

I have truly enjoyed the journey responding to my creative impulses and I hope that you enjoy the image of that journey. My art hangs here in the gallery and I have note cards at the Tom Thompson Gallery Gift Shop in Owen Sound.

Sandy's Works