Susan Nichol

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Susan Nichol

I was raised where my father was born in a small Ontario hamlet.  My playground was where my great grandfather’s blacksmith shop, carriage shop and livery stable were and my grandfather’s general store. This was my playground and is where the inspiration for my work and my love of barn board, locks and latches, antique door knobs and nature comes from.
I have always been crafty but when my husband and children gave me pottery lessons as a birthday gift in 2003 I felt a spark that I hadn’t felt before. I was in love!
I found the process of throwing on the wheel daunting to say the least, frustrating and aggravating is more the reality. I will be forever be grateful to my teacher for handing me a rolling pin and telling me there was more than one way to make a pot and I should give this a try. I have been exploring and experimenting with the process of hand building ever since.
I took the giant leap in 2012 and became a fulltime potter with a studio and shop in Ripley.  I always say “life happens” and I am now in the process of moving my studio to my home where I will work and continue to give classes.
My interest lies in making functional and interesting stoneware pottery.
Applying coloured slips, carving and glaze are done with the intention of enhancing the work and bringing joy to the owner.