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Susan Seitz
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A style that balances between the abstract and the representational world of art, award
winning artist Susan Seitz shares her love for painting on canvas – creations that are both
visually rich in texture and colour. “Growing up in the rural communities of Bruce County has been the source of my inspiration. Painting with elements of nature in mind offers an engaging experience on many levels for me.” “Colourful groupings of thick paint applied in rhythmic motions onto canvas are the foundation of my work.  Layer after layer, the painting develops textures that invite the viewer to touch the untouchable.”

Susan is a Certified Creativity Coach, Certified Muse Group Facilitator, Teacher and Art
Instructor who fills her Art Studio with children’s art camps and Day retreats for Adults
throughout the seasonal year. “Mother Earth ~ the source of all creation shares her inner secrets and desires through a connected space.  Tapping into this remarkable energy is available to us all.  My heart fills with gratitude as my paint brush unfolds and reveals a glimpse of the beauty that hides within.  In this moment, I shall create … for to live a life without, would deny my soul eternal grace.” ~Susan Seitz, artist, photographer, teacher, art instructor, certified creativity coach & certified muse group facilitator.