Cardboard Crew! Build a Boat Camp


Marine Heritage Society
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  1. July 20 - 24, 9AM - 12PM

It's Marine Heritage Week and the Cardboard Boat Races beckon! Gather your own crew or join a new group of friends determined to create the most amazing boats ever sailed.

Captain Campbell (Dr. Campbell to some!) will guide our eager sailors through the creation of their boats using cardboard and duct tape. Creativity and imagination transform everyday materials into what could be the winning boat! Make sure it floats, make sure it's fast, make sure it carries a captain...and off you go!

Learning Outcomes: Design and construct a boat, using problem-solving skills. It involves design and science; principles of structure, strength, water permeability, propulsion, friction, buoyancy and displacement as well as team building skills.

*All proceeds from this program support the Marine Heritage Society.

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