Un-BEAR-ably Awesome!


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  1. August 17 - 21, 1PM - 4PM

Who doesn’t love bears? From polar bears to pandas, from grizzly bears to teddy bears, we’ll explore them all. Children will get accustomed to different drawing and painting materials while studying the anatomy of bears and what makes each species unique. We’ll sketch, draw and paint using pencils, charcoal, graphite, ink, watercolour, and pastels. Students will figure out which drawing materials they might like best by trying out and learning different techniques e.g. shading, blending colours, learning to draw fur, etc. all while listening to stories about environments and behaviours of bears. Let’s get ready to explore! - Just don’t poke the bear. :P

Learning Outcome:Basic drawing skills in different media. Learning to draw from model. Introduction to painting with watercolor and pastel. 

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