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Chelsea Campbell
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  1. June 5, 1PM - 4PM
  2. June 12, 1PM - 4PM
  3. June 19, 1PM - 4PM
Southampton Arts The Art School

Join Chelsea Campbell for our winter ‘Story Tellers’ art course that is sure to spark the imagination!

Looking at different authors and stories from different cultures, we discover what makes a good story. While using techniques in drawing, painting and crafting, young artists will create their visual tales or work inspired by characters that they can share with everyone!

As we work through our projects, students will also be working in an art journal where we will do cut and paste, small writing projects, experiment with pop-ups and seek-and-find flaps, and more.

The Story of Persephone:
Listening to the tale of Persephone and Hades, and how this was an accepted explanation for the four seasons (winter, spring, summer and fall), students will create a 3D, 4-sided tree (one side to represent each season) and learn about how stories in mythology were used to explain natural and everyday happenings.

The Raven and the Sun:
In keeping with the idea that stories can be used to explain natural phenomena, and be passed down from generation to generation, in the form of oral traditions, students will learn the Indigenous American tale of how the Raven stole the sun and took it to the sky.

Personal Biography:
Everyone has a story of themselves that is unique – no one else is exactly like you! Choosing a specific time or event, students will begin looking at telling their own short story, with themselves as the main character. Students will create a self portrait by tracing their image using graphite transfer paper and water colour paint.

Cinderella doesn’t get the Prince:
What if Cinderella hadn’t escaped her evil stepmother, and never tried on the glass slipper? What if the prince wasn’t so charming? We will look at some of our favourite classic tales, and then imagine them in a different light. Students will take a traditional story and make daring plot changes to come to a reimagined ending. The instructor will assist those who need help writing the story down, and stories will be accompanied by illustrations.

A Mid-Summer Nights Dream:
No story tellers course would be complete without the mention of Shakespeare, and his famous comedy, A Mid-Summer Nights Dream. Shakespeare was a story teller and playwright that could create atmosphere and foreshadowing through his writing. A Mid-Summer Nights Dream has a magical setting in an enchanted forest of fairies whose mischievous inhabitants can affect people with tricks and magic. Students will create a mixed-media, enchanted garden.

Masks are mandatory for students and instructors at all times.

$80 for 3 weeks, paid in full at registration.

* If weather causes the cancellation of a class, the course will be pushed back as necessary with all make up classes taking place on Saturday's at the same time, just added on to the end of the term, as required.

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