Art for Tykes - Munchkinland


Chelsea Campbell
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  1. July 5 - 9, 10AM - 12PM
Southampton Arts 201 High St Southampton, ON Canada N0H 2L0

Kids won’t have to travel over the rainbow to join us this week as we create our own magical, tiny town of Munchkin Land. Glitter rooftops, spaceship townhomes, rainbow shutters, and secret exits; the possibilities are limitless when we imagine and create our cardboard-box dream homes! This camp brings attention to the process of designing and building, as we draw inspiration from different examples of architecture that exists in real-life, as well as in our favourite storybooks. kids will have a blast as they pull the wildly and outrageous dream spaces of their imaginations into reality.
Not to worry; at the end of the week, kids will be allowed to fold up their house creations and take a magical piece of Munchkin Land home with them.

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