Art for Tykes -Owlet Originals


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  1. July 12 - 16, 10AM - 12PM
Southampton Arts 201 High St Southampton, ON Canada N0H 2L0

With Jennifer Hayden! Children will investigate a variety of mediums, which will allow them to create two and three-dimensional artwork using materials such as paint and clay. Throughout the week, children will explore a variety of children’s books, famous artists, and the outdoors to provide inspiration for their artwork. Young artists are rewarded as they use their imagination, teamwork, and problem-solving skills to gain confidence with the materials. This class is the perfect balance of hands on and fun for your little one!

WHO WHO is the wise star of  this week? It's Owlet! Our feathered friend inspires original little masterpieces every day. 

Learning Outcome: Problem solving and team work skills, manual dexterity and materials exploration.

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