Kids Classes 2020

All of our children’s programming features projects designed and taught by professional artists, ensuring your child has an immersive experience in the creative process with quality, fine art materials within a supportive learning environment.

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Age: 12 - 15

November 2020

Art Spark PA Day

November 27, 9AM - 3PM | All Levels | Ages 7-12

Get inspired by the classic "I Spy" childhood favourite by Jean Marzollo. Spend a mysterious day with Chelsea Campbell making our own "look and find" scenes, mystery jars and puzzles.

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January 2021

Art Spark for Kids - Saturday Afternoons

January 9, 1PM - 4PM | All Levels | Ages 7-12

Join Chelsea Campbell for our winter ‘Story Tellers’ art course that is sure to spark the imagination!

Looking at different authors and stories from different cultures, we discover what makes a good story. While using techniques in drawing, painting and crafting, young artists will create their visual tales or work inspired by characters that they can share with everyone!

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February 2021

March 2021

March Break Camp - EARTH ETHOS

March 15 - 19, 9AM - 12PM | All Levels | Ages 6-12

This week is a challenge for our young freethinkers as we look for new solutions to some of our oldest dilemmas. In this cooperative creation camp, kids will learn about, and build, their own miniature biosphere. Complete with underground water tables, wooded areas, rocky terrains, rivers, and wetlands; this week’s projects are about creating natural, life-sustaining environments. But what happens to or our habitats once we begin to introduce humans? Through lessons of cause and effect and environmental mindfulness, we ask ourselves: how can we make space for people and their needs without taking too much from our planet?

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March Break Camp - ART FACTORY

March 15 - 19, 1PM - 4PM | All Levels | Ages 6-12

Welcome to ‘The Art Factory’ – a creative space where kids will explore the three pillars of fine art: drawing, painting, and sculpting. This week, kids are encouraged to let their artistic intuitions take over as they pull inspiration from some of the great artists of the past. Come and join the fun!

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