Art Feeds Forward

On May 1, we were delighted to launch a circular giving initiative that runs for the month of May and we invite you to support our Gallery Artists, while they in turn support the Saugeen First Nation and Saugeen Shores Food Banks.

Each Friday this month we will post a special selection of affordable art created by our Gallery Artists. We encourage you to bid on the pieces, knowing that your dollars will both support an artist translating time, skill and materials into art as well as turning that art into income and donation funds for our local food banks.

Art feeds our spirits as makers and appreciators and in this circle of giving, literally feeds forward those in need.

Each artist is choosing an appropriate donation from their sale. For some, it may be 100%, for others, 10%...and all points in between. The resources of each individual artist reflect that the word “artist” applies to all who make art, but some must also live by it. It honours that giving can be bound by capacity, that it is not how much you give, but how much of what you CAN give that determines the depth of your generosity.

A core component of the sustainability of Southampton Arts is the percentage we take from sales to support our organization’s infrastructure, to pay staff and bills. But for this month, our percentage belongs to our artists and our community. And to go further, to celebrate the relationship between making and giving, each week we will be giving away $100 to five lucky art collectors to spend on work for sale during Art Feeds Forward.

Congratulations to the winning bidders on our May 1 Gallery Artist release, featuring work by Halina Shearman, Erin FitzGibbon, Bev Morgan and Jo Ann Sturgeon and our first two winners of $100 to be used as bid credits!

Congratulations to the winning bidders on our May 8 Gallery Artist release, featuring Susan Nichol Pottery, Larry Waters, Kathie Wright and Jenny Lee Learn

Next Release is May 15 and features Carl Durance, Paul Mondoux, Gayle Slinger and Jane Geard...find us on Facebook to bid on these pieces until Sunday!